Meet the Artist: Johnny Eliasen and Lise Lander

Meet the Artist: Johnny Eliasen and Lise Lander

Artistic Advisor Lise Lander and Répétituer Johnny Eliasen on how Etudes came to SF Ballet

Lise Lander, Artistic Advisor, and Johnny Eliasen, Répétituer, describe the ballet, Etudes, recounting its history and discussing the difficulties it presents. Johnny explains his role in staging the work, based on his experience as a dancer, ballet master, and Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Ballet. Lise explains her role as “owner” of this work by her late husband, choreographer Harald Lander, and how she carefully chooses which companies will be privileged to dance it.

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Header image: San Francisco Ballet in Lander’s Etudes // © Erik Tomasson