A message to our workforce



Dear Artists and Staff,

Over the past week, the senseless killing of George Floyd, has hit each of us differently whether individually or collectively, demanding that we examine the systemic racism and abuse of power in our country, our communities, and ourselves.

This touches each of us differently, exposing pain and suffering, bringing up deep anger, and causing those who have suffered past grief and loss to relive that pain. Some may also be overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and/or fear. We ask that we find grace and acceptance in the fact that as a staff and as people we will go through this pain and grief differently.

In this moment, as we are sheltered and isolated, there are not quick and easy answers of how we express our compassion as an organization nor is there one singular response. As leaders of SF Ballet, we can promise to listen, create safe spaces for the continued DEI conversation, and ask each and every one of you to put safety first as you consider or express your own personal response. It is our hope that we can act with compassion as we look for how to move forward as individuals and as an organization.

Should you need to explore support services, please contact Angela Gonzales in HR and she can connect you with our Employee Assistance Program, self-care resources available via your health insurance coverage, and/or other community services. And during this sheltered time, if you have thoughts, concerns, or ideas, you can reach Kelly by email or via the phone number below.

Helgi & Kelly